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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  May 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon, rick will be
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along at 5:00, in the news this noon, a high school gym teacher gives up a kidney to save a life. and carbon monoxide fills a local home, but the big story is a court appearance charged with murdering police sergeant robert wilson. they waived their preliminary hearing this morning, prosecutors say that both men fired potentially fatal shots at a game stop back in march. katherine scott was in court this morning and joins us in center city with new information. >> reporter: this was a packed courtroom packed with officers and packed with family members, they left now and we know that the defendants waived their preliminary hearing and the prosecutors summarized the evidence they will present some
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witnesses for this trial. lets go to video from this morning from the family of that sergeant leaving the courthouse this morning they were in the courtroom when prosecutors summarized evidence and the witnesses they would call. they are accused of shooting sergeant wilson at a game stop in march with six shots. the video shows them firing at wilson and 39 shots were fired in all. wilson was promoted to sarge and awarded the medal of honor and valor. they avoided going lieu all the evidence including the video. prosecutors say the evidence is overwhelming multiple shots are
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exchanged and police officer wilson is in the corner and there are multiple civilians hiding down avoiding the gun fire and officer wilson returns fire with these individuals. >> the video is graphic but what sticks out is how heroic the police officer was sfl we wanted to spare the family anymore remembrance of this tragedy. because it is a tragedy. >> among the witnesses that will be called sergeant wilson's partner and the chief medical examinering, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police are investigating several separate shootings across the city, at least eight people were shot yesterday. three died. in southwest philadelphia a man was found shot three times at 2:30 yesterday afternoon, he was pronounced dead at the hospital
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three hours later a shooting happened in west philadelphia and one person died in the hospital and then at 8:30 police responded to shots fired call in kensington and to people were hurt including a 22-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his back and he died at the hospital. no arrests were made in any of the three shootings. from our delaware newsroom paramedics are reminding people about carbon monoxide poisoning, a 9-year-old and 7-year-old were taken to the hospital just after 9:00 a.m. all of the adults and children are expected to recover. officials say everyone should be familiar with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning including blurred vision and dizziness.
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we are getting a look at destruction video of the plain states, this is bridgeport, texas, homes are ripped to pieces and search and rescue teams are combing the rubble today and they are looking into reports of 30 suspected tornadoes in texas and oklahoma the storm battered areas are at risk for severe flooding. back here cooler weather has arrived after days of heat and humidity sky 6 hd looking live of the center city skyline, seeing clouds out there this noon and a cool breeze across the tri-state area, it feels refreshing david murphy is live outside of our studios. >> refreshing is the word and cool and comfortable and low humidity. a fair amount of blue showing through and if you look at satellite we transitioned from a brief, bright blue sky and the
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clouds are thinning out. and temperatures feel good. 66 in philadelphia, a breeze is blowing out of the northwest and as you look at these numbers notice how the moving areas are giving you the direction of the wind from the northwest from the warm and humid south that is cooling us down and making it more comfortable and it is rather breezy an 18 miles per hour wind and the winds could actually gust up to 25 miles per hour at times as we move through the afternoon temperatures are going to two up a little bit too, if you head out to the playground playground, 1:00 68 and low 70s by 3:00 and i will remind you that the sun angle is high and the temperatures are cool and it may not feel like sun burn to you but you and the kids should have the sunscreen handy. between 5:00 and 7:00 not bad
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weather for barbecuing, 68 by 7:00 who wants to slave over the grill just cool and breezy. when i step inside, we'll have the seven day. >> you can stay ahead of the changes this week by checking, and find live storm tracker 6 radar and the seven-day forecast throughout your memorial day weekend. 34 million cars are now affected by the largest recall in u.s. history. takata doubled the number of vehicles affected. they are suseptable to explode sending shrapnel at drivers and passengers. >> reporter: the government is going back and form with takata for a year on what caused this problem and how many vehicles
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should be recalled. this expanded recall lays out a clear path for auto makers and drivers. the largest recall in u.s. auto history. >> up until now takata refused to acknowledge that their airbags are detective, that changes today. 34 million are recalled. that double its the original number including ford, honda and gm. they believe that it's getting into the canisters and causing the explosion it can send shrapnel into the bag and into drivers and passengers, at least five americans have died. corey is one of the many injured by the airbag. >> i saw the blood and thought i would die. >> and more alarm details from takata, they tested thousands of
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them and nearly one in every 100 sent shrapnel when deployed. if you get a letter make an appointment to get it repaired. but the national highway transportation system says it could take years to replace the airbags recalled. and they are not even sure if the new inflaters will be safe. >> there will be a remedy to make sure it will be safe. period. >> the government set up a website, to see if their car was recalled. but that will not be operational until next week. >> karen thank you. >> jim kenney is celebrating victory after winning philadelphia's democratic mayoral primary in a landslide.
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his republican rival for city hall is melissa murray bailey she ran unopposed for her party's nomination. coming up a teacher caught hitting students with a belt. the reason he did it and now the school responding. and meteorologist, david murphy, has your seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back. i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver.
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>> a substitute teacher is fired after being caught on camera striking students with a belt. it's unclear if he will face charges the sixth grade teacher was disciplining children for fighting. a letter sent to parents described the incident as unfortunate but did not explain what happened. there is a race to clean up an oil spill on the west coast, 21,000 gallons leaked into the pacific ocean it's at least four miles long and today the coast guard is flying over the area to get an idea of the damage contractors will
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determinehe pipeline's owner will be fined. a cruise ship is still on hold after running ground in bermuda. passengers said they felt a sudden stop, the ship was stuck for more than six hours as smaller boats inspected the cruise ship and a tugboat tried to nudge it loose. >> i don't want to continue on this ship to open seas, the response time within to miles of shore is hours the response time in open seas, i don't even want to think about. >> they freed the ship overnight and now it's anchored while they perform an inspection it's unclear how this will affection the vacation for thousands of
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passengers on board. they caught a secret service agent getting some shut eye while protecting the president. >> excuse me are you on duty. >> the officer was in her car with the engine running with the lights on. at first officer denied being on duty and later denied sleeping and said she was on a post. and then was seen directing traffic while the president was driving through town. they called it disturbing but did not say if action would be taken. in london nine people are arrested in connection with a major jewel heist the group stole millions in gems from a safe over the easter weekend they drilled through a six foot brick call to get in. still ahead on "action news" at noon meet the gym teacher who gave up a kidney to save his
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wal-mart is expanding a plan for hiring military veterans the company wanted to fill 100,000 jobs. the new goal is to hire the veterans by 2020, if that happens veterans will comprise 20% of wal-marts workforce. health check this noon, a
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high school gym teacher is being called a hero for donating her kidney to a student. she just returned to detroit's west side academy for the first time since the surgery. the pair walked the carpet arm and arm and the assembly celebrated the teen's recovery and the gift. she wanted to help when she heard of the illness and the grueling treatment. >> if that was my child i would want somebody to do the same thing and i am a mother and i thought if i can help, i would and i did. >> booth is adjusting well to her new kidney and looking forward to the future. she is set to graduate next month with plans to attend oakland university and become a nurse. the "action news" team is working on news stories for tonight at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli with a
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look ahead. >> coming up today at 4:00, in big talkers, from to lexus we'll break down new baby names you don't want to miss this. and under fire for telling women what to wear under fire and what not to wear it got some people kicked out of cannes film festival festival. >> we did a farewell to shirleen allicot as she heads to our sister station in new york city, you won't want to miss a moment of her sendoff coming up today on "action news" at 4:00, we have so many moments to share with you and you won't want to miss that. you can take us with you on the go, and sara i'll see you in the studio coming up in the next half our to talk about the mirror ball trophy winners next on "dancing with the stars." accuweather is coming up when we
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come right back.
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they have aannounced a new partnership. with bank of america and a citizens bank kiosk with chargers and a selfie stage and opportunities to win prizes at avenue show. >> i like that place and to see concerts. >> i like outdoor concerts, that time of year is approaching. >> sara today is not a bad day for it as we look at the action cam we have a fair amount of
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cloud cover filtering through and this picture by boathouse row you see blue poking through and more in the region now. 66 is the current temperature dew point is way down there and not humid today and wins out of the north-northwest at 18 miles per hour, and blustery out there and refreshing 66 in the city and 65 in wilmington, and reading in the upper 50s and same thing in lancaster and millville. probably cool enough for a light jacket and especially when you consider the winds we see the gusts of 25 miles per hour in some spots this is pretty much the pattern in the afternoon coolish temperatures getting up into the low 70s in a lot of neighborhoods definitely cooler than yesterday a cool breeze whipping down to the northwest. the cloud could have is beginning to thin out a bit and i think it will remaybe fairly bright the rest of the way and a mix of sun and clouds overall.
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allentown 68 degrees, breezy and cool and a nice refreshing day down the shore pretty much the same story, a breeze blowing all day long and a high around 69 degrees inland at the i-95 corridor that is where we'll get to the low 70s, a high of 72 in philadelphia this afternoon sun mixing with clouds and breezy and wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. overnight tonight, increasing clouds and cool and 53 is your overnight low in between the two numbers we have the evening commute ahead and we look at cooling cooling trends 69 at 5:30 and partly sunny skies and breezy for the evening commute. an area of low pressure is exiting to the south in virginia and north carolina and it will be close enough to spread cloud cover in the region and keep us
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cooler with wins off the ocean and highs in the 60s, how far north this rain gets is the question, we have a shot at the delmarva peninsula and south jersey and delaware but the new model shows the cloud cover and the rain making it to philadelphia, wlorn this changes and goes back down south i condition say for sure. i'll allow for light sprinkles and light activity in philadelphia, and steadier rain in south jersey and the whole thing wrapping up in the evening, 72 today and breezy and cooler and the sun and clouds mix and tomorrow cloudier and cooler and 66 is the high down south and some showers pop up into philadelphia and the farther south the tire you'll be and sun is breaking out. and tomorrow 67 and sun and holiday weekend 71 and 78 on sun and 8:00 for memorial day with a
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thunderstorm around. keep the app haney on your smart phone on monday. down the shore you take the numbers and subtract 5 degrees per day. >> that requires math, but we got the idea. now it's time to imagine what you would do with millions of dollars, it's national be a millionaire day may 20th is a day to set aside a day to dream about being wealthy. there is much ahead touring the next half our of "action news" at noon, details on what started a fire that burned down an ocean city boardwalk surf shop and a 911 dispatcher says it's the strangest call she has taken. a driver called 911 while being chased.
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>> "action news" at noon continues. >> hello between, here are the stories we are following for you. one day after the primary election, philadelphia's mayoral candidates are now preparing for the november election. plus a look at damage after several southwest states are hit with more than a dozen suspected tornadoes. now, the details, two men charged with the murder of a philadelphia police officer
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faced a judge today. carlton carlton hipps was charged with killing sergeant wilson on march 5th the brothers waived their right to a hearing this morning. the video shows the brothers shooting wilson six times while he drew the gun fire to himself and away from others in the store. >> multiple shots are exchanged and police officer wilson is in the corner and no cover whatsoever, there are multiple civilians crouched down hiding for their lives. and officer wilson heroically exchanged gun fire with these individuals. he received two awards posthumously. the ocean city boardwalk -- was traced to an electrical


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